Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 2: Saved 10$ a Day

Original daily expenses:  29.15$
Week 2 daily expenses:  19.47$
I achieved my goal of spending less than 20$ per day.
During the past week I was able to decrease my expenses by 67.77$ which is great for now! Let´s have a look at my goals from the beginning and see what made the difference:

Goal No.1:  Buy food in the supermarket, not in cafés and pizza places:
Food expenses 1st week:  105.47$
Food expenses 2nd week:  74.55$
During my first "unchanged" week, I spent 83.67$ for food in restaurants and cafés.
I spend another 21.80$ for food that I prepared at home.
This week, I went to a supermarket to buy food which I would prepare instead of buying premade food from restaurants etc.  However, as I was moving to a new apartment and quite busy, I fell back to my habit to buy food somewhere, which finally cost 53.95$ :( .   For 20.60$ I was able to make food for 4 days and shared some of it with my girlfriend. I will focus more on preparing food at home after I finished moving, as it really saves a lot of money and is healthier.

Goal No.2:  Get a Coffeemachine!
I have a coffeemachine!   I still need to buy filters and coffee, but it will decrease my coffee expenses significantly.

Goal No.3:  Buy less in my favourite coffeehouse!
I ordered smaller sizes and tried to buy only "every now and then" food there. This decreased my expenses from 40.86$ to 24.20$. I cut my expenses nearly by half. I will try to save a little more here, as I am going to buy the grinded coffee for my coffeemachine here and hopefully make my own breakfast soon.

Goal No.4:  Go to Bakery only once a week!
Well, as the past week was quite busy, I did not really have time to visit the bakery. My expenses during the past week were 0$.  Saved another 17.70$!
I recognized that my expenses for fuel are nearly unavoidable, even though they are responsible for nearly a third of my weekly expenses. 

Goals for the coming week:
Create a more simple excel file...
Lowering the expenses to 18$ per day!
Make coffee with the coffeemachine!
Stop eating out everyday!

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