Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 4: Investments are a success!

This week: Expenses per day:  13,57$
Last week: Expenses per day: 19,54$
Total Savings this week: 109,04$

This update comes a little late, as I was quite busy during the last days, but I am very happy about my expenses. The coffeemachine is a great saver. I spent 4,50$ for half a pound of great coffee which lasted for the whole week (around 40 -50 cups I guess). What a great machine!!!
I managed to buy a lot of good food in farmer markets (bread, buns, baguette) and bought jam, turkey and salami. Tasty food and it saves again a few bucks to not eat warm every dinner. I do not regret the 33$ I have spent in restaurants this week and as mentioned last week, I will try to stay with the traditional "Friday indian restaurant visit"
Overall, I am very satisfied with this week and won´t change a lot of expenses in the coming week(s). To see how much I am really paying every week with my current budget I have to wait for some time, especially because of fuel costs and stuff that I buy rather unregularly. Respectively, the expenses are also quite low this week, because I refilled fuel for only 10$, but had to refill the car for 50$ during the current week, which will have a big effect in my next update :( .

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