Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 3: Reducing Restaurant Expenses

This week I was able to buy most food in supermarkets.  The overall expenses for food are now caused by products from the supermarket. If you compare it with my first pie chart, the supermarket expenses took the place of "Eating Out", which is exactly how it should be.

The expenses for coffee could be slightly lower, but with the coffee and coffee machine this should be achievable over longterm. Syrup and coffee that I bought during this week are listed which explains the 29$ I spent for coffee this week. During the coming weeks I expect to save some dollars with it.

Reviewing my goals from the past week, I am able to say that the first two goals are achieved!  I spent only little money in restaurants, but bought and cooked a good amount of food that I bought in supermarkets.
I won´t continue decreasing my expenses in the coffeehouse. The coffee I drink there once or twice a week is what I enjoy as I meet friends there and won´t miss that. I am satisfied with the money I can save by brewing my own coffee in the morning.

So far so good. For the coming week I will just keep on saving. No special goals , no further changes. I was not able to spend less than 18$ a day this week, but again over 19 (19,54$).  All together I saved 67.24$ this week. The freshly brewed coffee from the Hudson River Coffeehouse will make the difference! I ll better start brewing a cup right now :)

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