Saturday, June 25, 2011

10 Days are over: Let´s start saving!

Money spent for X in 10 days:
  • Fuel: 76.25$
  • Restaurants 37,80$
  • Costs for eating at home: 33,86$
  • Bakery: 17,75$
  • Coffee in Café: 32,75$   (!!!)
  • Food in Café: 28,20$  (!!!)
This is the distrtibution of my major costs during the last 10 days.  Many of these costs are unnecessary and I am optimistic to lower my expenses significantly. To my defense I need to add that the current semester break is to blame for some of the high expenses...  To track my savings, I have a counter on the right side of my blog which will show my current savings. My current average daily expenses are 29,15$. For the coming week I want to lower them to 20$. To be more motivated to excell in this exercise, I am going to put a big Piggybank (I am looking for one similar to this: My Piggybank ) on my desk.

My plans for the coming week:
  • Buying food for  breakfast, lunch and dinner at Hannaford or Walmart for several days ahead to avoid restaurant visits during weekdays.
  • Buying a coffeemachine
  • Reducing the "Daily Morning Hazelnut+Almond Large Iced-Coffee" to a "Every Other Day Normal-sized Hazelnut+Almond Iced-Coffee"
  • Going to Bakery only ONCE a week.

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  1. The quality of your daily life might also be included in how you shape your budget. What matters to you in daily living, is likely reflected in spending you currently judge as "bad" or "frivolous." Yet it might be better for you to to shift from the home food/coffee focus of your budget, to sparse cupboards. This way, you simply feel less guilty about spending more on your cafe budget, which does more to "feed" you - friends, conversations, watching & observing people, perhaps. Is eating at home adding more quality to your life, just because it is perceived to be the "cheaper" and hence, the "correct" thing to do? Throw what could have been spent at home, into the cafe budget, and you might find you've accommodated the budget to your lifestyle, rather than the other way around.