Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 1: Where do my Dollars go to?

I tracked all my expenses for one week now and have a clearer idea where my dollars go to: The pie chart gives you a first impression, however: It is just one week and I will continue tracking every expense without significant changes for at least another week, before I start cutting down my expenses:

budget plan blog

The biggest potential for savings lies in my habit to eat at Pizza stores, Indian and Chinese restaurant.
Driving around is obviously another costy part of my life. During the coming weeks I will try to lower the costs by driving bus and walking to close places.
I see also a lot of potential for savings in my habit to buy coffee and occasionally breakfast at my favourite coffee place, but I am not sure yet to which degree I am willing to buy less coffee here..

Let´s see how my expenses are distributed in my second week, I won´t change my habits for now. In week 3, I will change my habits, try to lower my costs and start a "Savings Counter" to track how much I was able to save with the budget plan.


  1. With eating outside, buying it here and there you get a big possibility to save a serious part of your money. I made this a long time after my divorce, and the only thing I was getting was more body weight and loosing money. After changing this behaviour 4 months ago, I lost 30 kilos only this year and saved a huge amount. And all this without ever feeling hungry. Another part is the good old thermos jug for your coffee ;-)

  2. Wow, impressing. I hope I will be as disciplined as you are.
    I was already thinking whether I should really keep tracking my expenses without changing anything or begin to change now. I think I will start saving as soon as I have 10 tracked days to have at least "some" representative daily average for my expenses. This way I can calculate my savings better.